yOptimizo is an IT solutions and services company specialized in optimizing business processes.

We use advanced Internet, mobility and CRM technology to implement the solutions your company needs.

We apply the technology for:

  • The innovation and building of competitive advantages.
  • The reduction of costs and of working time.
  • The improvement of results.
  • Upgrading the quality processes.
  • Speeding up internal and external communication.
  • Taking advantage of the existing resources in your company.

This is the way we work:

We carry out an analysis of your current processes, resources and needs. We work throughout every area of your business taking all of them into account.

We study the different alternatives and we suggest a solution based on the evaluation of costs and benefits. We invite you to know in advance the economical profitability and the advantages your investment will bring to your business.

As part of the solution, we give special relevance to user training and giving the necessary support after going live.

We work for all countries. Call us without obligation, we are here to help you.

Look at this!

Our professional team is located in Barcelona (Spain) and Kerala (India). Our company structure and methodology allow us to offer you very competitive prices and the best quality and service.